Game of Thrones releases season 7 photos: winter is clearly coming very slowly

Spoilers maybe coming. viewer discretion advised

The only thing slower than George RR Martin when he’s trying to write a book, is the advent of winter in Westeros. Why won’t the damn thing come already? This year, HBO’s Game of Thrones will be releasing later than usual. Instead of hitting us like a tonne of bricks in April and ruining the rest of the year for us, it will drop in June. It will still probably hit us like a tonne of bricks and ruin the rest of the year. A girl has no idea anymore.

After a very long live video of fire melting ice, and a trailer which told us nothing significant, HBO has now released stills from season 7 which, hold your breath, tell us just a teeny bit more than before.

Spoilers maybe coming:

1) First off, we have Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen dressed in regal dark clothes, looking pretty intense. Is the room behind her the throne of Dragonstone? Has she reached Westeros? Probably. She doesn’t look too happy about it, TBF.

2) Kit Harington as Jon Snow shows up looking just as confused with his life as he was when the show ended last year. He’s definitely still in Winterfell because that looks like the underground crypt where the Stark ancestors are buried. Are we finally getting to his parentage?

3) Maisie Williams as Arya Stark looks hale and hearty in what seems to be a tavern. Is she plotting her next murder? Will she reunite with her family soon? Because if there is one thing Jon Snow desperately needs, it is Arya’s instincts. Because a girl is amazing.

4) Next up are Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister and despite previous appearances, it looks like all’s well with the twins. Or is it? Jamie ran his sword through the Mad King to protect the people of King’s Landing from wildfire. Will Cersei’s current affinity for burning people down, lead to the same conclusion? Here’s the thing though: do we even have a show worth watching without Cersei?

5) Conleth Hill as Varys appears to be giving someone off screen a fabulous stink eye. Is he in Dragonstone? If that’s where the Khaleesi is, then we guess so.

6) Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei is clad in dark robes, appears to be brooding over something. Again, the surroundings are of grey stone and pretty gloomy so, Dragonstone it is. Probably.

7) Next up is Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister dressed in similar robes, with the brooch of the Hand of the Queen firmly pinned on him. None of them look too happy with where they are, do they?

8) Next up is a fam photo with Nathalie Emmanuel, Peter Dinklage, Conleth Hill, Emilia Clarke, and Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm. What’s different? Missendei (Nathalie) isn’t wearing the brooch she’s seen in her profile image. Coincidence?

9) Bella Ramsey as the sassy and badass Lyanna Mormont looks like she’s probably ordering somebody to do something. In the background is Littlefinger, with a lop-sided smile that has never meant good news for anyone.

10) Liam Cunningham as Ser Davos Seaworth looks lovely in Stark colours, doesn’t he? He’s either presiding over a meeting or hoping his frown will keep Melisandre away.

11) John Bradley as Samwell Tarly and Hannah Murray as Gilly are toiling away at the Citadel. For those who have lost track, Samwell is training to become a maester.

12) Ellie Kendrick as Meera Reed and Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark are alive but Hodor is not. Screw you, HBO. Meera is seen lugging Bran away to god knows where. Will they reach Winterfell? Will Bran learn how to stop the Night’s King? Or will he ruin things for everyone like he has been doing since the very first season? If he hadn’t climbed the tower, Jamie would’nt have pushed him and most of the Starks would have remained alive.

13) Kristofer Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane and Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth will be the only bit of comic relief we can expect in a season that looks literally dark.

14) Aidan Gillen as Petyr – Littlefinger – Baelish and Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark are seen looking down at somebody. Probably Jon Snow. Will Sansa again fall into Peter’s hands? Will she betray Snow? Arya, can you please come to Winterfell already?

15) Last up is Rory McCann as Sandor “The Hound” Clegane who looks the same as ever. Is he on his way to Winterfell? Littlefinger had better watch out.

In case you missed the trailer which came out a while ago, here it is again: