From vulgarity, controversies to fake content, this ex MTV Splitsvilla contestant reveals a lot about the show

Karan Chhabra, a contestant from MTV Splitsvilla 9 talks about what is happening in the current season of the show and whether it's fake and vulgar or not

The tenth season of the reality TV show Splitsvilla is being aired. Hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh, the show’s idea is to find connections. But the tasks allotted to contestants on the show goes overboard with its sexual content. By asking male contestants to strip their shirts and flaunt bodies or by playing on women’s insecurities, Splitsvilla X has deviated from the idea. What goes inside the minds of contestants is an intriguing topic. To understand this, InUth spoke to Karan Chhabra, a former Splitsvilla contestant. Karan, who was a participant in the ninth season of Splitsvilla, spoke about the other side of the story.

If you have been following the show, you would know how sometimes it seems all fake. Be it a male contestant comforting his female friend or the fights, every step of the show seems scripted. When Karan was asked about the ‘real’ in ‘reality’ he said, “It is not scripted, it is rigged. On reality shows, people portray a different side of their personalities. If you ask me, I am an emotional guy and did not fake on the show. But some people fake because that is the only way they can get the limelight.”

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MTV Splitsvlla 10, contestants, Sunny Leone

A contestant of MTV Splitsvilla 10

So is it all about TRPs? Karan said it plays an important part. He went on, “The actions of a few people get TRPs. In its absence, the show becomes boring. Having said that I would like to add that after staying away from family, real emotions start coming out. For how long can one fake? The connections and fights happen involuntarily after a while.”

Now to make the show interesting, the makers ask contestants to do a few things. But what about male objectification? How do the contestants agree to perform a task where they will be made to stand and given points on basis of their physique? To this Karan said, he would not have done such a thing. The Heropanti actor added, he would never do something worth regretting. So why do others do it? Karan said it is all for the camera.

Like I said, people are ready to do anything to hog limelight. This makes the task for makers easy because they have contestants who are ready to do things. It gets them TRPs and since MTV is a nice channel, everyone wants to come on it. Which is why they make such tasks because they know people will do it. I don’t know what reality shows have become these days. I mean parents and friends will be watching this.

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Splitsvilla 10, tasks, Sunny Leone, vulgar

A task in Splitsvilla 10

What does Karan think of the current season of the show? He said he is glad to not be a part of it. “For people who watch the show, it has become vulgar. The concept of Splitsvilla was so nice but I don’t know what it has become.”

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