From throwing pee to catfights: 10 'firsts' which made Bigg Boss 10 the most controversial season ever!

As Bigg Boss season 10 comes to an end, we take a look at some of the most shocking and controversial moments of this season.

Another season of Bigg Boss is coming to and end and just like every season of Bigg Boss, season 1o had it’s fair share of highs and lows. The inmates, much like other seasons managed to create controversy and caused quite a stir in the house. As season 10 comes to an end, we have a look at some of the most controversial and infamous moments of Bigg Boss season 10 that made headlines and were never witnessed in the previous seasons of the show. Have a look:

Swami Om’s pee scandal

They say the world is your canvas and you can color it the way you want. Swami Om apparently took this way too seriously when he decided to paint the world yellow. In BB Taxi task, Swami Om wanted to use the bathroom but Manveer asked Swami Om to pay him 100 bucks in exchange of travelling in his taxi. Swami Om bluntly refused and peed in a mug..while he was still in the kitchen.

Things got worse when Swami Om started touching the utensils without washing his hands, following which housemates kicked him out of the kitched.

2.Swami’s pee scandal part 2


In the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, we have seen all kinds of things being thrown on housemates to test their patience- from cigeratte ash to shaving foam and trash- nothing is off limits. Swami Om decided to set the bar rather high by throwing his pee on the housemates.

In an infamous incident which made headlines, Swami Om threw his pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra following which, the housemates locked him the jail. Bigg Boss evicted Om immediately following the incident and security personnel were sent in to control the situation.

3.Priyanka Jagga’s comments on Manu’s deceased mother

Bigg Boss 10 had it’s fair share of firsts but Priyanka Jagga who just like Swami Om managed to irk the housemates and audiences alike with her antics. She crossed all limits by passing terible remarks on Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother. She went as far as saying Maa ke marne ka maatam man raha hai (you’re mourning your mother’s death in the house). She passed some extremely lewd and vulgar remarks on fellow contestants Mona Lisa and Lopamudra Raut which didn’t go down well with Salman.

4.For the first time ever, Salman Khan evicted a contestant from the house

Move aside evictions! Salman Khan is here. Khan is known for speaking his mind on the show. All eyes were glued to the television sets when Salman uttered the now infamous phrase leave my home following which, he evicted Priyanka Jagga from the house, unceremoniously. Jagga who wasn’t even nominated for evictions and was shown the door by an angry Salman for her controversial comments.

5.Catfights got extremely violent and downright disgusting

The rivalry between Bani J and Lopamudra Raut is reminiscent of Gauhar-Tanisha rivalry in season 7. Lopa and Bani’s rivalry escalated to a new level when Lopamudra, in the Call Center task, accused Bani of using her mother as a ‘sympathy card’. Bani J was enraged over Lopa’s comments and physically assaulted her. The two got extremely violent and even Salman Khan struggled to handle the situation.

The catfight between the two, crossed the benchmark set by Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra’s catfights in season 4.

6.Swami Om’s striptease act

Swami Om gained notoriety in the public eye the day he entered the Bigg Boss house. The man hit a new low when he stripped on national television in the Igloo task. Though Imam Siddiqui stripped in season 6, there was barely any skin show for he was wearing a leotard. Swami Om, however bared all for the camera.

7.For the first time ever, a contestant locked themself in the bathroom


Quite often we see contestants protesting against Bigg Boss. The protest usually ranges from a hunger strike to removing mikes. Rohan Mehra grabbed a lot of eyeballs this season for his unique way of protest. The young boy locked himself in the bathroom when he was nominated by Bigg Boss for the entire season for pushing Swami Om.

8.Salman left the stormed off the Bigg Boss set, TWICE


Salman walked off the sets once in season 8 after a heated argument with Karishma Tanna. This time, Swami Om got on Salman’s nerves and irked him to the extent that Salman was forced to leave the sets not once, but Twice!

9.The show conducted live polls for the first time


All Bigg Boss fans who wished to watch the show live, raw and unedited got their wishes fulfilled as the show went live and conducted online polls for the first time ever in the history of the show.

10. This time, even Bigg Boss lost his cool!

Bigg Boss has always been strict with the housemates and doesn’t shy away from scolding housemates every now and then. This time however, Bigg Boss went bezerk when Swami Om broke the bathroom door. Swami Om got extremely violent in the Love Letter task where he had to destroy the love letters of the couples. The man kicked the door violently and damaged the house property. Bigg Boss went ballistic on Swami Om later and yelled at him, asking him to control his violent outbursts.

Another season of Bigg Boss is coming to an end. Who do you think will win this season? Sound off in the comments below.