Former Bigg Boss contestant Priyanka Jagga claims Kapil Sharma approached her for the show. We wonder why!

Former Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga has said Kapil Sharma approached her for the show. She, however, denied the offer

In what is seriously an unlikely turn of events, former Bigg Boss 1o contestant Priyanka Jagga has said that she has been approached for The Kapil Sharma Show. Priyanka, who made it to the headlines often because if her antics on the high-end reality show, told a TV news channel that people from Kapil Sharma’s show got in touch with her. But, she declined the offer.

Why did you wonder? Well, Priyanka said that she is in contract with Colors channel sand joining a rival channel would be a breach of the agreement. Now, Priyanka speaking of a contract with Colors is quite weird since Bigg Boss host and superstar Salman Khan warned the channel to not offer any shows to Priyanka.

When Priyanka was asked about Salman’s warning, she reportedly said, “No my contract has not been cancelled. Channel has not given me such kind of information regarding my contract with them. Unke (Salman) Bolne se khatam ho jata hai contract?”

Well, Priynka has definitely not changed a bit even after the show.

However, it might not be smart to believe everything she says. Post she was thrown out of the show, Priyanka claimed she would be returning soon and we all know that never happened.

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Coming to Kapil Sharma, his days are definitely not going great. His fight with friend Sunil Grover turned to be a nasty one and it is unlikely he would ever return to the show. There are many reports suggesting that Sunil Grover will be starting his own show. One of the reports also claims that Kapil’s former aide Preeti Simoes has joined hands with Sunil for the new show.

Kapil Sharma, Preeti Simoes ams Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma, Preeti Simoes and Sunil Grover

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With things not being in his favour, do you really think Kapil Sharma may have approached Priyanka Jagga to fill in the gap? Or was it just another ‘notice-me’ gimmick by Priyanka? We will have to wait to know the answer.