Dhinchak Pooja to Midas Pooja? Even her audition tapes go viral

This audition video of Dinchak Pooja for Bigg Boss 11 is going viral and we warn you to watch it at your own risk

If you’re humming Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj, you know you are guilty of listening to Dhinchak Pooja’s cringe-pop songs, reading her social media statuses or even watching her on Bigg Boss 11. If you are still scratching your head over how such a cringe-worthy (but viral) song of Dhinchak Pooja’s could easily ruin your playlist, there’s more surprise in store for you! Before the internet could make sense of Pooja’s entry in Bigg Boss 11, Pooja’s audition video for the show came out. Needless to say, there’s a lot in the video which will confuse you as much as pretty much everything else that she does.

The video has Pooja rapping (or whatever you call it) for both Salman Khan and the show. Looking at the audition tape, you can see her excitement to be a part of the controversial reality TV show. Watch the video here:

What is even more interesting is to scroll through some of the comments posted on this video on YouTube. Read these to see how Dhinchak Pooja just unites the world when it comes to making fun of her and her songs.

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Comments below Dhinchak Pooja’s audition video

Well, not just on this video, people’s reaction to her entry in the show is also quite the same. Check out how Twitter reacted when the Dhinchak girl entered Bigg Boss 11 as the first wild card entry.

The same seems to be the case with people inside the Bigg Boss house. She didn’t get a welcome treatment from anyone in the show, including Salman Khan who bullied her on the stage. In fact, contestants like Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, and Sapna Chaudhary mocked her in the house insulting her in front of other housemates.

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The housemates don’t really seem impressed by Pooja’s tactics in the show. Nobody seems to be paying any heed to her existence in the game. In fact, she wasn’t seen interacting much with the contestants in the last night’s episode too.

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Salman Khan and Dhinchak Pooja in Bigg Boss 11

Do you think Dhinchak Pooja will add up to the entertainment quotient in Bigg Boss 11?