Bigg Boss 11: Is Salman Khan charging a whopping Rs 11 crore per episode?

Well, that's a whole lot of money!

Salman Khan is geared up to host Bigg Boss 11 which will be aired from October 1 on Colors TV. On September 26, the reality show was launched by Salman who has been the host since season 8. Amidst all the speculation and excitement around the 11th season, one thing which has made everyone curious is the money Salman Khan is being paid per episode to host Bigg Boss.

Everyone knows he’s one of the highest paid actors on TV and is being paid a bomb but no one knows the real amount. But recently at the launch of the 11th season, someone suggested a slight mention of the possible fee per episode and we can’t keep calm.

At the launch, reportedly someone asked Salman if he was paid Rs 11 crore for the show per episode. To this, the actor very calmly replied, “Please make Raj Nayak, Endemol COO of Colors channel, pay me that amount.” While Raj’s response suggested that the number may not be too far from the actual figure. “Salman Khan doesn’t come cheap, you know,” he said.

Asked about if there is any rule in the game that he feels like changing, he said: “I think the first week of elimination is not right because it takes a little time to settle down and mingle with people. So, whoever gets eliminated on the first week, I think it is unfair.”

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Salman Khan also wants every contestant in the Bigg Boss house to behave properly,

I want everyone to behave properly. I know it is not easy considering the situation where all the participants are coming from different background and mingling the first time; there are friendship, politics, people deal with the tricky situation. However, they should behave. I think many people come to the show for revamping their career and if they are fighting and misbehaving with people, industry professionals will not prefer to work with them.

According to the reports, it is said that Salman Khan charged around Rs 2.5 crore per episode from Season 4 to Season 6 of Bigg Boss. Thereafter, he doubled his fees to Rs 5 crore for Bigg Boss 7. For Bigg Boss 8, Salman is estimated to have charged Rs 5.5 crore per episode and for Bigg Boss 9, he increased his fees to Rs 7-8 crore per episode. For the previous season of Bigg Boss, he took home Rs 8 crore per episode.

Well, that’s a whole lot of money!

Source– Hindustan Times, Bollywood Hungama, Times Now and IANS