Bigg Boss 11: 8 interesting comments made by Dhinchak Pooja before entering the Salman Khan show

Well, this is going to be interesting!

If you are done with all the melodrama in the Bigg Boss house, wait till you witness the wild card contestant, who happens to be none other than ‘dilon ki shooter‘ Dhinchak Pooja. Hell yes, this is happening. The queen of cringe-worthy rap, Dhinchak Pooja is indeed going to enter the house through wild card along with Priyank Sharma who was evicted in the first week. The chirpy internet sensation confirmed her participation and promised a lot of entertainment. Here are a few interesting statements she has made before entering Bigg Boss 11.

On being called for the show before:
The team called me only a few days back and we recently had a meeting. Since my days were free, I decided to go for it. Earlier whatever you’ve heard has been only a rumour.

On her strategy:
I have been busy shopping and packing and didn’t really get a chance to see too many episodes. I haven’t really planned anything as I want to give an equal opportunity to everyone I interact with. Also, from what I have seen, everyone is nice with different personalities and I wouldn’t like to judge them before meeting (them).

Dhinchak Pooja, Bigg Boss 11

Dhinchak Pooja

On maintaining her ‘style’ in the house:
Although you will get to see my usual swag style with caps and jackets, I am also packing other kinds of dresses also. I want to bring out a different avatar in the show.

On rapping with Akash Dadlani:
Yes, I know about him but I need to meet him to decide whether we will be compatible to create music. But I am sure it’s going to be a fun time.

On how important Bigg Boss 11 is:
Bigg Boss is a big platform for me and I am really looking forward to have a fun time. All these while, I have found a lot of fame but never got a chance to interact with my fans or even show them who the real Pooja is. This is the biggest reality show on television and definitely a big opportunity for me.

On meeting Salman Khan:
I am really looking forward to meet Salman Khan and though I haven’t yet prepared a song for me, I would love to perform in front of him.

— As told to Indian Express

On taking out time from her busy schedule:
When I got my first call from Bigg Boss, I was busy working on my next song so I had to decline it. But now that my song is ready and they have approached me for the show again, I decided to take it up. Though I didn’t get the opportunity to follow the show much given my busy work schedule, whatever little I have watched I completely enjoyed it.

On seeking work:
I have acting and singing dreams. So if good offers come my way then I am ready to take them up. 

— As told to Hindustan Times