Anusha Dandekar has this to say about her video mocking Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai's friend

Anusha Dandekar, who recently made headlines for mocking Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt's friend finally breaks her silence on the subject

Anusha Dandekar, who recently made headlines for mocking Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt’s friend through a video, has finally responded to the whole controversy. After maintaining silence for some time, Anusha has now posted a letter on her Instagram page. Through her post, she apologized for unintentionally hurting Kishwer Merchantt’s friend. In the long extended post, the actress further explained that in her 10-second video with RJ Gaelyn, they laughed at what he was saying, and had nothing against him or his accents.  Further justifying her stand Anusha wrote:

“To my loved, I guess I have stayed quiet long enough. And the undying support & love is forever appreciated from the bottom of the heart. Being born in Africa, raised in the UK & mostly Australia, I have actually lived most of my life in my motherland, it’s funny anywhere I ever go or have lived, coming back here always makes me feel safest & at ease. So the fact that anyone made this about racial discrimination just because I have a different accent, isn’t that racist too? In this 10 sec video we laughed at WHAT he was saying, it was nothing to do with accents or English. When we mimicked him, again it was about WHAT he was saying!”  Read the entire post here:

Love from me… xoxo

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For those who don’t know celebrity couple, Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt recently slammed Anusha Dandekar for making fun of their friend. Criticising the MTV Love School Season 2 host, Kishwer took to her social media platform and wrote: It’s sad when a 35yr old doesn’t know how to behave @vjanusha @vjgaelyn .. grow up !!! And FYI the guy in the video is @rahullsharma and the girl is @gur4neet .. now u know them !!!

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