Ali Asgar blames his 'undefined' Dadi-Nani character behind leaving The Kapil Sharma Show

Ali Asgar said that he was fed up of playing the Daadi and Naani on the show and there was no development of his character

Ali Asgar aka Daadi has been a source of laugh riots till the time he was on the The Kapil Sharma Show. As he is always vocal about his decisions, he opened up about TKSS and revealed the reason behind leaving the show. Ali said that he was fed up of playing the Daadi and Nani character on the show as there was no development of his character.

According to the reports published by a leading daily, the popular comedian revealed that “I was not happy with the way my character shaped up, it had no definition. I felt people at some point would get bored watching me play grandmother and I had to do something else.”

Sharing further on his brazen walk out, Ali said “I would get little to do in the last few minutes of the episode. In the last over of a match, when two balls are remaining and you ask the batsman to hit 12 runs, how is that possible? I continued with it for a year and then I decided to plan my exit. Around that time, the unfortunate incident on the flight from Australia happened, which further fuelled the exit.”

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However, Ali also hinted that he was open to work with Kapil Sharma in a future project. He said, “Maine koi kasam nahi khayi uske saath nai kaam karne ki. He was the captain of the ship where I used to work. That project did not work out, that’s it.”

Ali Asgar left the show soon after Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s in-flight fight.

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Source- TOI

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