Talking about leaving Kapil Sharma's show, Sunil Grover compares himself to Sachin Tendulkar

Sunil Grover, who left The Kapil Sharma Show after his ugly spat with Kapil Sharma, has said he doesn't regret his decision

Sunil Grover’s absence from The Kapil Sharma Show may have cost a lot to Kapil Sharma, but the former has no regrets leaving the show. For Grover, the decision to quit the much popular show has turned out to be fruitful for him as he can interact with a live audience now. The 39-year-old comedian and actor also compared himself to cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar by saying he didn’t play to score centuries.

Speaking to a leading daily, Sunil said how he felt about not being a part of the 100 episodes celebration of The Kapil Sharma Show. Sunil said he was a part of 92 of these 100 episodes and created lovely memories from the show. “If Sachin Tendulkar only thought of centuries he wouldn’t be the legend that he is. I don’t want to sound arrogant. I am happy I did those 92 episodes of the show,” Sunil was quoted by the daily.

As of now, Sunil Grover is busy with stage shows and he accepted to enjoying the phase. The comedian said he missed interacting with a live audience and that the energy is unmatchable. Sunil said he had no regrets about leaving The Kapil Sharma Show. “My mother never had to ask, ‘Beta, tu kaam par kyon nahin jaa raha hai?’ This break from television has given me a chance to do some serious live shows. I love the live synergy,” added Sunil.

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Confirming the numerous reports about him getting new offers, Sunil said there is no dearth of them. He, however, added he could not say anything on the matter as he is bound to Sony channel by contract. Sunil said, “Once I am free to look at my options on television I will speak about the offers.”

This latest interview confirms one thing that Sunil Grover would not be returning to Kapil Sharma’s show. We are sure his fans would eagerly be waiting to know about his next projects. They will know the answer when Sunil wants them to know about it.

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