Taher 'Angel' Shah has left Pakistan and the reason behind it will shock you

Pakistani singer Taher Shah shot to limelight with his singles Eye to Eye and Angel. He has been forced to leave the country.

Pakistani singer Taher Shah, known for his entertaining songs like ‘Eye to Eye’ and ‘Angel’ has left Pakistan. Shocking? You might not be able to hear the voice of the long-robed YouTube sensation who claims to be ‘Mankind’s Angel’, as he has been forced to leave his country following death threats.

“Pakistan’s famous singer Taher Shah, who is known for spreading love through his music had been receiving life threats for quite some time,” the singer’s agent was quoted by PTI as saying.

Adding further, the agent said that the government had failed to provide any security to the singer who recently made his film debut on the internet.

Shah shot to fame with his 2013 song ‘Eye to Eye’ which broke the internet. The video raked in around three million views on YouTube. His bizarre get-up was admired by several people across the world.

Three years later, he followed up with his latest song ‘Angel’ which turned out to be a bigger success than the previous one. Explaining the thought behind the popular song, Shah said that every human being should spread love among each other.

In July this year, Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch was murdered by her brother in Multan. The killing evoked widespread criticism across the world. Baloch was known for her outspokenness on various issues which did not go down well with certain sections of the society there.

Is Taher Shah paying the price for spreading the message of love?