Keep Calm and Carry On: Supernatural Season 12 premiere a good kick-off

Stand aside kids, Mama Winchester takes the wheel

Supernatural Season 12 premiered today and although last Season’s finale turned out to be a little disappointing, this season has a lot more to offer. Following a quick recap of the whole Amara-God fiasco, Cassifer and that blonde who shot Sam, Season 12 picks up right where it left us; the Dean-Mary reunion. Oh, almost forgot, this post has spoilers.

The first episode kicks off with the much-awaited mother-son reunion, you know, one that both of them would most definitely get to remember. And don’t you worry, you get plenty of time before the show leaps off into the next scene. Still in disbelief, as Dean approaches Mary to touch her, all the while forgetting that his mom was a hunter too, Mary knocks him down.

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Turns out, she doesn’t recognise her son at all. Mary has no memory of life after her death (makes sense).After a few touching memories shared between the two, Mary is convinced that Dean is in fact, that 4-year-old she left behind. While Mary struggles with getting used to God and angels and whatever wacky stuff that falls out of the heavens nowadays, another someone drops from the sky… Castiel is back! No, not Cassifer, cas… CAS!

Cutting back to Sam as we left him in the last season, yes, Sam is still alive, but he isn’t exactly having a great time unlike his brother. He is being held hostage by that suited woman who claims to be one with the London Men of Letters. Revealing what it is that she desires, she threatens to torture Sam. What she seeks is intel so she can clean up after the Winchesters and in a near-Donald Trump reference, desires to “make America safe”. Unfortunately for her, Sam is no taco that would snap under the tiniest bit of pressure.

Dean takes Mary back to the Men of Letters bunker to get her to meet Sam only to find blood spots on the floor and his brother missing. Er… Call him first maybe? “Hey! Mom just crawled out of the grave!” Anyway, fans do get the kicker as the mother-son duo scout the bunker grounds in hunter style looking for little Moose. Mary raises her guard as she hears someone barge in and guess who it is.

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With Mary pointing her gun to Cas, Dean jumps in and introduces the two. Probably not how Dean intended the two to meet. It’s kind of a crucial step, meeting the parents. Anyway, we get a warm Destiel hug as Mary stares back, taking account of what’s happening. As she silently judges Cas, the angel reveal bumps him up to the “marriage-able” category. Cas too gets a little awkward upon being formally introduced to who might be his future mother-in-law.

Gaining a lead on Sam, the trio heads out but, we take a pause as Mary gets nostalgic upon seeing John’s (now Dean’s) Impala. Guess it was Mary’s “baby” first. She blushes as if reminiscing about a time when John and Mary got frisky in the backseat as Dean changes the topic. The company finally ends up questioning a man who had encountered the women in black and a hostage Sam. Mary takes a tougher call and threatens him. Castiel, trying to make a good impression (aww!) obliges Mary’s request.

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Shortly after, as the trio heads out again, they meet with an accident. Mary really carries some bad luck. Brought to life after decades and the first day she has an accident! Poor her. Turns out, it’s no accident at all. It’s the British chippy who has some surprisingly awesome fighting skills. Dean and Cas both get their butt whooped within a matter of minutes. The two struggle to get up for round 2 only to have Mama Winchester interrupt and teach them how it’s done. All those years she’s been dead and she still has a few better tricks up her sleeve.

The premiere concludes with Mary and Dean discussing hunting. Mary, who never wanted herself or her family to be hunters, gets reassured that her sons have only made the world a better place. *cough* Apocalypse *cough* The Darkness *cough*… They finally get back into the dented Impala and drive off, still searching for Sam.

Oh! And Crowley was in there too somewhere, searching for Lucifer or something.