Sorry NickYanka, Your Dreamy Wedding Photos Can't Make Us Overlook Your Hypocrisy

The newlyweds were criticised for bursting firecrackers and animal cruelty

Priyanka Chopra’s whirlwind destination wedding at Udaipur might be over, but the criticism for choosing to burst firecrackers, and hiring a horse and an elephant for the nuptials, is doggedly haunting the newlyweds. Apart from drawing a lot of flak from social media for the fireworks, Priyanka and Nick Jonas have had to face animal rights organisation PETA’s wrath as well.

On Monday, PETA posted on Twitter, “Dear Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Elephants for weddings live in chains and horses are controlled with whips, spiked bits. People are rejecting elephant rides and having horse-free weddings. Congrats, but we regret it was not a happy day for animals.”

The post was tweeted along with a video titled, “Band, Baaja, Brutality” that details the horrific treatment that these horses have to go through when they are used for weddings. PETA India CEO Manilal Valliyate told IANS, “Priyanka has been ill served by not being advised of the firestorm that would be caused by participating in animal abuse. It doesn’t make a person look big or glamorous to promote cruelty to animals who have no choice but to serve. It makes them look small. Overwhelmingly, these days PETA is delighted to see so many celebrities feel passionately about protecting animals.”

The #NickYanka wedding celebrations were also at the receiving end of criticism as social media users remembered how Priyanka had strongly advocated against the use of firecrackers. Following her Christian wedding to Nick on December 1, their elaborate firecracker display at Udaipur was captured by news agency ANI.

Soon after the video gained traction, people pointed out how Priyanka, who is a brand ambassador of a campaign related to asthma, had decided to burn fireworks during her wedding.