Soni Razdan Gets Trolled For Her "Anti-National" Views On Pakistan. This Is Getting Old

The trolls sure missed the irony of the situation.

At a recent interview with Nav Bharat Times, No Fathers In Kashmir actor Soni Razdan ended up championing the idea of a secular India and expressed her views on “being against a Hindu nation as some politicians have been proposing”. She further pointed out that being critical of your nation doesn’t mean you are anti-national before proceeding to talk about how she has been trolled in the past for expressing such views.

“Ab jab main aisi baatein karti hoon toh log mujhe deshdrohi kehkar Pakistan behjna shuru kar dete hain. Kabhi kabhi main sochti hoon ki haan, mujhe Pakistan hi chale jana chahie, main bohat khush rahungi Pakistan jaakar, wahan khana bhi bohat achha hai. Yahan toh bhagate hain log mujhe, bohat baar mujhe logon ne kaha ki tum Pakistan jaao, lekin meri tarah ki soch rakhne wale bohat zyada log hain, isliye mujhe isse koi zyada fark nahi padta hai ki kaun kya kehta hai. (When I talk about these things, I get termed a traitor and people ask me to go to Pakistan. Sometimes I think that I should actually leave, I will be happy there. The food is good there. Here people just want to shoo me away to Pakistan. Anyway, I know there are many people who actually share my views, that’s why I don’t get affected by such jibes.)”

Instead of actually listening to her entire video, trolls being trolls, latched onto her statement about wanting to go to Pakistan, and started trolling her online. Of course, without realising the irony of the entire exercise.

But, Razdan wasn’t fazed by the hate. Instead she had a spirited response for her trolls.