Sona Mahapatra makes fun of Justin Bieber and Sonakshi Sinha post the 'Purpose' concert

Sona Mahapatra has taken a sly dig at Sonakshi Sinha and Justin Bieber over his 'Purpose' tour which took place in Mumbai, India. The fans of Sonakshi Sinha might not like the singer's reply

Sona Mahapatra has taken a dig at the Justin Bieber concert that recently took place in Mumbai, India. Interestingly, she also made fun of Sonakshi Sinha who was in the news lately to be a part of the Purpose concert. Though, Sonakshi did not have anything to do with the concert but a couple of months ago, she had an ugly Twitter exchange with Sona Mahapatra. The fight extended to such a level that the actress blocked the singer on social media.

It all started when singers Kailash Khair and Armaan Malik voiced their opinion saying that the whole idea of Bollywood actors singing with the international artistes should not be taken into consideration. Sonakshi took notice of the tweet and reverted to the singers. It was only then that Sona Mahapatra spoke her heart out which lead to a war of words between the two.

Now, that the concert is over, it seems that after Sonali Bendre, Sona Mahapatra had a problem with the whole event. She took to her social media account and spoke about Justin Bieber and Sonakshi Sinha. She said, “So maybe I was wrong after all @ArmaanMalik22. This wouldn’t be a worthy stage for you. Best left to the ‘actors’ of singing.”

She also took to her Instagram account and wrote, “Maybe I was wrong after all. This would’ve been the absolutely perfect ‘performance’ stage for the ‘actor’ lip-syncers? _ My bad. Sorry, Sonakshi. The organisers who approached you knew better.__ #wannabe #generation #fake #heroes #CheatingIsOK #Not #GiveMeSomeRealMUSIC #FuckThisFakeShit.”

Clearly, Sona Mahapatra has a strong viewpoint to make!

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