Silent When It Matters: No Bollywood Bigwig Has Commented On Papon Yet

Perhaps issues, problems and social causes matter only as long as they promote their films

Bollywood maintained a distressing silence on Padmaavat. It regained its enthusiasm for life during the PadMan challenge and now B-Town is back doing what it is best at. Acting. This time Bollywood has chosen to be silent on child molestation. Singer Papon forcefully planted a kiss on a little girl’s lips and the Hindi film industry seems to be too busy to voice an opinion.


In a video that went viral yesterday, Angarag Papon Mahanta, popularly known as Papon can be seen kissing one of the girl contestants of ‘Voice of India Kids, Season 2’. The video that was posted as a Facebook live on Papon’s official page came to the notice of the Supreme Court lawyer, Runa Bhuyan, who took the matter to the National Commission for Protection of Child’s Rights (NCPCR).

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While it is sad that the father of the girl has also termed Papon’s gesture as an ‘affectionate’ one, it cannot be ignored that the issue concerning the safety of kids on such shows requires attention. The only comments that have by far is from choreographer-director Farah Khan, who couldn’t firmly make up her mind about it, and Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and Raveena Tandon, who voiced their strong opinions:


While the entire country is enraged and debating about the issue at hand, Bollywood is busy pretending to go about their work as usual. With so many young and not-so-young parents in the industry, it is disturbing that no one is bothered about what happened on the sets of Voice of India Kids.

A quick look at the social media profiles of these socially active stars is enough to understand the thick-skin they have developed, when it comes to being vocal about the real issues. So, they’re busy meeting international CEOs, thanking Mumbai Police and singing with Mika at functions, making people guess the release date of their next movie, expressing their love for football, promoting summer collections of fashion brands and congratulating the team of the award-winning documentaries.

In that order:

Perhaps issues, problems and social causes matter only as long as they promote their films.