Satyajit Ray's Film Posters Are As Gorgeous As His Cinema

Devi's poster is legit art.

There are geniuses, and then there’s Satyajit Ray. The celebrated filmmaker and writer, was also a pretty amazing graphic designer. Not only are his films extraordinary, if you look at the posters he designed for them, they’re near perfection as well. Unlike the rather bland and totally generic posters we see today, Ray’s creations were masterpieces.

Be it Devi (1960) – a commentary on women’s place in society or Charulata (1964) – a lonely wife’s tale; Aranyer Din Ratri (1970) – where the forest takes centre-stage; or the mystical Bhooter Raja from Gopi Gayen Baga Bayen (1969). Ray’s film posters are not only on point, but also gorgeous. No wonder they get replicated. #HelloNewton

In a world where posters with zero recall quality are the law of the land, perhaps we can all benefit from the magic that’s Satyajit Ray’s artwork.