Salman Khan is no more the face of Thumbs Up. Thanks to Bigg Boss 10!

No mention of Ranveer Singh in the official statement

Actor Salman Khan has just been dropped as the brand ambassador of Thumbs Up! Media reports suggested that the Coca Cola Company is talking to Ranveer Singh. But why? Afterall Salman is one of the most popular actors in the country. Turns out there is a Bigg Boss angle.

Salman has been roped in by Colors TV channel to host Bigg Boss for the fifth time in a row. The controversial reality show is being sponsored by Appy Fizz this year. A Parle product, Appy Fizz is in direct competition with other beverage brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the market. And that’s the reason why Coca-Cola has decided to remove Salman as the brand ambassador for their soft drink — Thumbs Up.

In an official joint statement released by Salman Khan and Coca-Cola India, it has been stated that the actor’s contract has not been renewed citing his association with a show which is sponsored by a rival brand. Here’s how it reads:

“There have been some media reports this evening that states the contractual agreements between brand Thumbs up and Salman Khan. In light of the media interest and numerous inquiries that both parties have received, we find it prudent to clarify that:

1. Salman Khan was committed to an existing relationship with a daily TV show, which this year happens to be sponsored by a brand that competes with the Coca-Cola India product portfolio.

2. In light of this, both parties have mutually decided not to renew their current contract.

We do not have any further information to provide at this point. We appreciate your interest and outreach.”

There is no confirmation on whether or not Ranveer Singh has been roped in as the new brand ambassador. However, various news channels and several insiders swear by his name as the next face for Thumbs Up.

So Bigg Boss 10 has cost Salman a big endorsement deal?