Sachin's daughter Sara Tendulkar reveals her favourite scene from Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Sachin's daughter Sara Tendulkar shared her childhood experiences with her father and said that while growing up, she was unable to figure out the reason for her father's popularity

The most awaited biopic of the recent times, Sachin: A Billion Dreams, has hit the theatres and undoubtedly, it has garnered a huge amount of support and love from the Sachin Fans. Whether it be cricketers, Bollywood stars or a common man, everyone is liking and praising the film and it’s doing extremely well at the box office.

Meanwhile, Sachin’s daughter Sara Tendulkar shared her childhood experiences with her father. She said that while growing up, she was unable to figure out the reason for her father’s popularity. She had no clue why Sachin is being considered as the ‘God of Cricket’ in this country.

“For me, he was always my father. While growing up, I never understood the magnitude of the personality that is Sachin Tendulkar. After watching the movie I realised his significance and understood what the entire nation think about him,” said Sara.

She also spoke about her favourite scene from the film. The one she liked was her parents’—Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar—romance and it was her favourite.

She said,”My favourite part of the movie is where my parents’ met and the entire romantic scenario which I think is cute. Also, their wedding scene was totally nice.” It’s also a fact that Sachin’s wife Anjali is 6 years older than him and that is what makes their love story more adorable.

Sachin organised a grand premier of his film where he invited the entire Indian Cricket team and many stars from Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Aamir Khan, John Abraham and Ranveer Singh. Many celebrities spoke to the media after watching the film and stated how much they were moved and inspired by the life works of Sachin Tendulkar.

The film is a docu-drama directed by Emmy-nominated James Erskine and legendary music composer AR Rahman has given the music of the film.

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