Sachin: A Billion Dreams movie review: You will thank Sachin Tendulkar once more for this tell-all biopic

Sachin: A Billion Dreams, the biopic on the life of Sachin Tendulkar is well researched and it brings back all the memories associated with the legend

Sachin: A Billion Dreams is not like any other documentary that Indian cinema has produced. It is the story of the cricket legend on whom the hopes of a billion lied. The tale of a man whose presence in the playing 11 calmed the anxiety of every cricket fan. Sachin Tendulkar was the one man, who walked a billion times for us, as the trailer points out, and now we can step into his journey. It won’t be wrong to assert that Sachin: A Billion Dreams, tells his journey quite honestly and director James Erskine is to be credited for it.

The movie manages to give goosebumps in the first frame itself. It reminds you of the aura in the stadium whenever Sachin used to bat. The echoes of Sachin! Sachin! will take you back in time when faith rested on the shoulders of one man. But Sachin was not always like this. The responsible cricketer was once a mischevious kid whose antics had troubled his neighbourhood. So, when was the moment when Sachin realised he had to become a cricketer? The biopic gives you each and every answer related to this and his journey of becoming the Master Blaster.

Sachin A Billion Dreams Poster

Sachin: A Billion Dreams Poster

What Sachin: A Billion Dreams does is that it takes us into the psyche of Sachin Tendulkar. What he felt ahead of a crucial match or what his thoughts were when the entire nation looked up to him. The biopic does a tremendous job of bridging the gap between the ‘God’ and ‘Human’ aspect. Out of our love for Sachin Tendulkar, we gave him the stature of God ignoring the reality that he was after all a human just like us. The emotions portrayed in the movie are so real, it will make you a part of Sachin’s life.

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The inputs that are given by the ones close to Sachin and the Master Blaster himself make the movie an emotional one. From Sachin’s mother revealing lesser known tales of his childhood to his wife Anjali telling what made her fall in love with him, the film features his complete life. Sachin speaking about the match-fixing scandal, about his popular innings and his life that was engulfed by cricket, make the movie amazing.

What’s hot:

Sachin Tendulkar’s state of mind and his emotions could not have been narrated in a better way. The biopic needs to be credited for keeping the promise- Now walk into his journey. It will bring back all the memories that you have lived with Sachin. Every moment when you cried when he walked towards the pavilion, and every time you cheered when he hit a six, will come back to you.

What’s not:

Finding a flaw in a movie based on an exceptional cricket career is next to impossible. However, the movie could have been made better with the mention of Vinod Kambli, cricket lovers would be disappointed with only a small reference to Mohammad Azharduddin.

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