Watch: Gippy Grewal talking about big fat Punjabi weddings, his idea of romance, new film Manje Bistre and more

Gippy Grewal says that he advocates the idea of silent romance of 90s and also wants the real Punjabi wedding culture to come back again

He is a Punjabi superstar and somebody who’s truly a multi-talented person. Gippy Grewal, an actor, singer, writer, choreographer, director and a producer is now gearing up for his new Punjabi film — Manje Bistre. As interesting as the title is, the film also deals with a rather interesting and quite a forgotten idea of wedding. Manje Bistre, which means beds and mattresses, shows a Punjabi wedding in all its granduer but minus the extravagant expenses.

Gippy says apart from conveying the wedding idea of 90s, the film also advocate the silent idea of romance. Actress Sonam Bajwa, who has worked with Gippy earlier in… plays the character of Rano in the film. For her too, the film paints a real world of fun, laughter and highlights the importance of Punjabi wedding culture.

Both Gippy and Sonam were in Delhi to talk about their film, which Gippy has co-produced with actor and good friend Jaggi Singh. While talking to InUth in an interview, Gippy mentioned that Manje Bistre is a totally family-oriented film. It has comedy, romance and it talks about the right values that any Indian family would want to keep intact. Apart from acting in it, Gippy has also written Manje Bistre. Talking about the same, he said:

It was in my mind to make such proper wedding based movie, basically showcasing 1990s romance, which is nowadays hard to see. It’s a happy mode movie, which is full of Punjabi traditions and culture. It is a family film.

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Directed by Baljit Singh Deo, the film is slated to release on 14 April. Watch the interview here, if you haven’t already.