Interview: Dr MSG aka Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on Jattu Engineer, his long name and competing with Baba Ramdev

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh answers how he introduces himself to foreigners with such a long name, questions about Jattu Engineer and competing with Baba Ramdev

Dr MSG or Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is not just a godman but a filmmaker, actor, writer, stylist, action director and the owner of a film production company as well. After enthralling the audience with his ‘love charger,’ the rockstar Baba is now gearing up for his next film, Jattu Engineer. He says that with this film, he has shown how a comedy film can be made without the usage of double meaning jokes and unnecessary explicit scenes.

He was in Delhi a few days back to promote his film, in which he plays the double role. Interacting with InUth, MSG opened up on many things including the story behind his long name, making films in such just a few days and competing with Baba Ramdev. Excerpts:

It’s a comedy film. You say that you make films with messages. What is the message that you’re giving with this film?
Yes. You are right. We make films with messages. It’s a commercial comedy film. When you’ll watch the film, you’ll realise how many messages are there in this film.

The primary motive of films is to give entertainment. From where are you getting this inspiration to use cinema as a medium to spread messages?
Because we felt that this is the language of youth. In our times, there used to be stories told by our grandparents, but today films are famous. Kids will always go and watch films if they have free time. Censor has given this film a ‘U’ certificate. In Mumbai, people were telling me that it’s not possible to make a comedy film without double meaning jokes or without having lewd scenes. I said no. I was adamant that we’ll use the funny things that happen around us daily and make a film out of it.

We completed the shooting of the film within just 15 days, which is also a world record.

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You have such a long name. When you go out and introduce yourself, do you take your full name? How do you introduce yourself?
Yes, you are right. My name is very long. But, there’s also a reason behind it. Saint is what Christians say, and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh means that I follow all the religions. And whenever I introduce myself, there’s a short name — Dr MSG.

You said that you produce organic products. You talk about producing more herbs for social welfare. Baba Ramdev also claims the same. Do you think of it as business or competition?
No. I never thought of anything as any kind of competition, except games and sports. I have played 30 national games.

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