Actors Mimi Chakraborty & Nusrat Jahan's TMC Nominations Turn Sexist, Because Obviously

Both Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakraborty were at receiving end of trolls, who shared glamorous pictures of the actors with condescending captions.

Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC), has chosen popular actors as candidates for the 2019 General Elections. Again. However, this time the CM of West Bengal has chosen from the younger crop of actors. Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahaan & Dev (Deepak Adhikari) have been chosen to contest from Jadavpur, Basirhat and Birbhum respectively.

It was but obvious that the announcement would invite its fair share of criticism. Many criticised the choice of actors who have no political experience, over seasoned politicians. But both Jahan and Chakraborty were at receiving end of sexist trolls, who had no problem sharing glamorous pictures of both female actors with condescending captions borrowed from WhatsApp forwards.

A common trait among most of these accounts trolling both the female actors, is that they support the BJP, a party that’s desperately trying to gain a foothold in Mamata-land. And it’s understandable why many wouldn’t agree with their selection as political candidates, but what these tweets are propagating is a person’s narrow world view, where women only exist to ‘introduce’ the man running for election.

Chakraborty and Jahan are two of the five Tollywood candidates in TMC’s list of contestants for the 2019 General Elections. It’s interesting to see how many allies TMC has made within the Kolkata film industry, especially at a time when the government participated in removing a film from the screens of West Bengal. And while all this happened, the most popular stars chose to stay mum during the whole issue.

Among the blockbuster clashes taking place in Kolkata, veteran actor Moon Moon Sen will take on BJP’s Babul Supriyo in Asansol. Actor Shatabdi Roy will be replacing co-star and former TMC candidate, Tapas Pal, because of the latter’s failing health. Roy will be contesting from Birbhum, a constituency where she has already been elected twice since 2009.