Ranveer Singh Dubbed For Deadpool 2 (Hindi) & The Universe Makes So Much Sense

Both Ryan Reynolds and Ranveer Singh know nothing about 'obeying rules' and that's what makes this Deadpool 2 collaboration so exciting!

With the first Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds broke all the rules. Sentenced to be *that* straight, white male for sugary Hollywood rom-coms, Reynolds broke his mould with this hilarious and foul-mouthed superhero. Who do you think could be a Bollywood parallel, to pull something as irreverent?

Ranbir Kapoor? Nah! Too angsty.

His namesake (ish), Ranveer Singh, of course. And that’s why it makes SO MUCH SENSE to see the Bollywood actor, signing up to do the Hindi dubbing for Deadpool 2.

Both Reynolds and Ranveer Singh are similar in the way, that their overwhelming personality could hijack an entire PR campaign and propel it to never-before-seen heights. Remember when Ranveer Singh ‘arrived’ on the advertising bandwagon, with a condom commercial made in the form of a music video for which the actor sang/rapped? Also, when he got Gulzar to come up with a pun on his name for a different commercial – My Name Is Ranveer Ching!

Reynolds has similarly broken *ALL* the unwritten rules of PR. He’s parodied Bob Ross, made fun of DC’s moutsache episode on Justice League and (I cannot believe they actually pulled it off) got Celine Dion to record a love ballad for the original soundtrack of Deadpool 2.

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The boisterous nature of both Deadpool and Ranveer Singh, makes complete sense. It’s well-known how Singh (like Reynolds) is tuned in to the pop culture, something he’s displayed during his numerous Koffee With Karan episodes (Whatta playa!) and interviews. And we get a peek at it the way, Singh goes Ooi Ma at one point in the trailer. He’s also fully comfortable in the Mumbai lingo saying, ‘Kitna traas (pain in Marathi) dega, Thanos?’

With the billion dollar domination of Avengers: Infinity War, it is obviously exhausting to see the deluge of promotional material from Deadpool 2. However, one can hardly complain when it is so edgy and well thought-out. And Ranveer Singh’s introduction as the Hindi voice for Deadpool is already an absolute riot. Trust Singh to go over the edge in this R-rated feature film, that allows him to say *anything*.

Watch the full Hindi trailer for Deadpool 2 here: