Raees vs Kaabil fight turns nasty. Check out this tweet by Hrithik Roshan (SRK wouldn't like it)

Shah Rukh Khan's Raees and Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil released on the same day today and the fight seems to be getting nastier with each day

Just when you thought that the filth surrounding Box Office clashes would be done with after today, a latest development paints a different picture. The clash in mention here is the one between Raees and Kaabil which has just turned ugly. We all know that Hrtihik Roshan tweeted earlier in the day that Shah Rukh Khan was his mentor and he hoped to do him proud with the film.

This tweet of Hrithik Roshan met with an equally amicable response from Shah Rukh, when he tweeted about hoping that the clash wouldn’t have happened. King Khan wished his best to Hrithik as well.

But later in the day, reports came that Sanjay Gupta and Rakesh Roshan were upset when they came to know Kaabil was not given the number of screens promised to them. Exhibitors had told Kaabil makers that the screens would be divided 50-50 between their movie and Raees. However, in the morning they came to know  that the share was 60-40 with Kaabil getting the lesser share.

Reports have it that exhibitors may have done this because of a two-film deal they signed. They are reported to get Baahubali 2 only if they gave more screens to Raees.

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Speaking about this, Rakesh Roshan told a leading daily:

I won’t comment upon any other film as that’s not my territory. I will only talk about my film Kaabil. We are shocked, disappointed and terribly hurt! I had not expected this. I spoke to all my concerned exhibitors last week, showed them one hour of the film and requested them that we should go 50-50 screens and they agreed. All over the world from Dubai, UK, Australia and New Zealand they have given us 50-50 screens except in our industry. That’s very hurtful to me and I feel betrayed because after talking to them they did this. With these clashes we have to avoid unfair play. Every producer feels my film is the best where he is concerned and where two films are coming if we avoid this and make both films 50-50 screens then it’s better for the film industry.

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Rakesh added that this way he was losing Rs 150 crore because of this. He added:

Going by today’s 60-40 screen distribution, my collections will be lower tomorrow but God is with me. In my films I have always made the weak stronger.

While this has added a new twist to the story, it was Hrithik’s tweet about it that confirmed the fight will get nastier from this. Read the tweet here:


We wonder what the makers of Raees have to say on these allegations.