Race 3 Trailer Is Exactly What We Thought It Would Be. Old Wine, New Label

Everything about this trailer screams 2000, not 2018.

Fair warning: this is not a trailer. It is a montage of all the stunts they could get Salman Khan to do.

A short while ago, the ardent prayers of the Bhai-Bhai-Bhai Clan was answered after the trailer of Race 3 dropped (after much delay). Right off the bat, it becomes apparent that the producers of the film have retained the neon-dingy sensibility of the previous two films from the franchise. What else have they retained? That feeling of indistinguishable-ness that comes free with most Salman Khan films. Wasn’t that human flip in Kick? Didn’t we see that bike stunt in Ready? Didn’t that car stunt in happen almost every alternate action film ever? The deja vu is real, TBH.

The trailer begins with Khan, standing on a ledge wearing a wingsuit, and mouthing off a line about zindagi ki race.  Cue big cars, cue helicopters, cue men with guns and the ariel view of glittering skyscrapers. Anil Kapoor’s made it to the trailer for about 15 seconds, Jacqueline is there for 10, Daisy Shah for eight, Bobby Deol for five and Saquib Saleem for three. Which is quite okay considering the second-hand embarrassment their appearance and their attempt at comedy/action/sass brings.

Which, of course, brings us to the point of the garbage one-liners the film is littered with. Daisy Shah, after some heavy-handed knife work, says this which much pique: “Our business is our business, none of your business.”

What in the almighty’s name does that even mean?

In one line, here’s the problem with this trailer: It belongs in 2000, not 2018.