Priyanka Chopra downs a tequila shot like a pro on Ellen show

Priyanka and Ellen played a casual game of Drinko

Priyanka Chopra was recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As the two got to talking, the subject soon changed to Chopra taking the tequila shots at the Oscars and then at the Emmys. Priyanka, who is currently the lead actress for American drama thriller TV series Quantico, started going on about how the tequila got her all “wonky” at the awards only to have Ellen pull out a tequila shot Drinko game. The crowd roared with laughter as Priyanka sniffed the shot glass in the game of chance and uttered the word, “tequila”.

Ellen first mentioned the Drinko game Chopra played with Andy Zenor after which, the Quantico star recounted the incident. “I was trying really hard to get into that dress, so I hadn’t eaten all day, which little girls should not do. I had that tequila shot and I was really wonky after that since I had it on an empty tummy,” she said. Ellen, always being the good host that she is, then checked with Priyanka if she had eaten that day before bringing out the tequila shots.

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Priyanka then downed the shot like a total pro and said, “Thank you for that, this will be a really smooth interview now.” Having been a victim of the shot glass for the third time now, she added, “I really started believing it was a very American thing ’cause, I was at the Emmys and it happened again. I was given tequila and I was like, American Red Carpets have to start with tequila.” She later mentioned red wine as her drink of choice which she deemed “elegant” and a more “appropriate” choice to go with on the Ellen show.

The conversation moved on to the beginning of Priyanka’s career and Ellen appreciated her on her achievements. Ellen shared the video on her Twitter page with the caption, “PriyankaChopra has been Miss India and Miss World, and today she’s on my show for the first time. I should’ve given her a sash.”