Priyanka Chopra reveals a major spoiler for Quantico season 2 [Watch]

Priyanka Chopra revealed why you should watch season two of Quantico

Actress Priyanka Chopra has revealed a major spoiler for the second season of her FIB series – Quantico. This time there is going to be more action, more drama and more thriller.

She has come up with a new video in which she has revealed the one reason, why you should watch season two of the super-hit show. In the video, she has revealed an interesting spoiler.

(Courtesy: Giphy)

“Let me give you an interesting spoiler (for season two). Alex (Priyanka’s character) and a very important character from season one are working against each other,” she said in a video.


The first episode of the series is already out and we must say our Desi girl was all over it. The first episode of season two is full of action.