Priyanka Chopra reveals 4 interesting things about Victoria and Baywatch

PC is also gearing up for her Hollywood debut -- Baywatch

Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico Season 2 got aired a few days back and received mixed responses from the audiences. While the actress is still basking in the success of season 1 of the ABC show, PC is also gearing up for her Hollywood debut — Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson.

The actress, who is keen to take up a Hindi film post Baywatch, recently talked to a magazine about the things she’s expecting from the film and working in the West. While this is something Priyanka has talked about a couple of times already, the catch here is how she has explained the details about her character — Victoria in the film.

Among the many things she mentioned, the former Miss World made sure to highlight that even though her character, Victoria is evil, she’s classy at her best. She said:

“She (Victoria) is extremely feminine, very evil, extremely delectable, manipulative and patronising, which is not at all Alex (her character from Quantico). These are completely different people. Victoria is strong because she has minions. She has people who do her dirty work. She doesn’t look at how to get results, she just gets them. She doesn’t have morality. But also. . . it’s a comedy.”

Here are the other statements Priyanka Chopra made:

On playing a negative role:

It was so much fun to be able to create Victoria in Baywatch. It was awesome to bring that black evilness into their positive, beautiful world.

On how Victoria helped her as an actor:

It wasn’t ever difficult being Victoria, it was just creating. And the joy of creating is the truest joy. I don’t enjoy being told what to do, I’m not that kind of actor, I’m a thinking actor. I need to work with people who have the ability to do that.

On working with Hollywood directors:

It was so much fun. Seth Gordon, the director, is huge a collaborator, and same with Josh Safran, for that matter, on Quantico. I’ve been very fortunate that the people I’ve worked with have been such collaborators when it comes to my characters.