It's 2018 And Priyanka Chopra Is Still Being Asked To 'Explain' How Equality Works

Someone check whether we're in the Victorian Age because this certainly does not feel like 2018

Feminism is the most misunderstood term on this planet, we all know that. And with that first line, we have already lost a lot readers. Moving on, far too often we have seen celebrities being asking inappropriate and very often sexist questions. But this video clip that is currently going viral has proved that the earlier barometer now remains broken. That we have peaked idiocy with this query.

Sample this. To use the colloquial term, a suited-booted gentleman got up to ask Priyanka Chopra why she never raises her voice against the violence propagated by some women in Hindi films. His query to be exact is this: “In Indian films, very frequently, we see a scene that for some stupidity of a boy, a girl gives (sic) a slap. As a Feminist, we haven’t seen you ever complaining against the abuse of a man. Where is your equality?”

Is there an award for obtuseness? Because this gentleman totally deserves to take it home.

Priyanka was, of course, taken aback for a moment by the sheer profoundness of the question, but came back with aplomb and sass-bombed the hell out of the question.

This is Priyanka’s response, which IMO, needs a gilded gold frame:

“When we talk about equality and opportunity, we are talking about cerebral opportunity. We aren’t like we want to be 200 pounds like a man and beat the shit out of somebody else. We are saying you get ability to get the job, to be the CEO and nobody questions when you’re 50, you’re driven and have three children that ‘how are you managing everything?’ Don’t question me. I can be the CEO and a mother. So, when a woman slaps a man when eve-teases her, he deserves it.”

The social media couldn’t stop applauding Priyanka Chopra for her brilliant response:


She surely slayed it! Don’t you think?