Prasoon Joshi denies ordering 300 cuts in Padmavat. Here's what CBFC has asked for

'Padmavat' is reportedly slated for a release on January 25 alongside Akshay Kumar's Pad Man. Let's hope it is not a short film.

Responding to the Mumbai Mirror report that claims the CBFC has ordered ‘at least 300 cuts’ in Padmavat, chairman Prasoon Joshi has rubbished the matter, maintaining the body only suggested 5 modifications and cleared the film with a U/A certificate.

The makers have submitted the final film with agreed five modifications which has already been communicated and a U/A certificate has been been given to the film. CBFC’s process is complete and any further news about cuts is absolutely untrue. Let’s refrain from utilising CBFC’s name unnecessarily,

Joshi was quoted by IANS.

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The report, which was picked up by many publications, claimed that the director has been expressly ordered to remove all references to Delhi, Chittor and Mewar – which have resulted in the near 300 cuts to the final film.

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Meanwhile, the state government of Rajasthan has refused to budge from its position of allowing a release to the film, bowing down to the fringe groups. In spite of repeated assurances from the makers that the film upholds the values of the Rajput community. After the makers even screened it for a Parliamentary panel, and got it cleared from there.

The film has been a target since it was getting made, and the fire has only intensified after the release of the trailer. Will Padmavat finally get a release on January 25 as some reports suggest? And will it be reduced to a short film after all those edits? We’ll have to wait and watch.