Omi Vaidya starrer Brown Nation to release on Nov 15 on Netflix

The show will premiere next week with its first episode, titled 'Farewell Papaji' being released on November 15.

Global online content streaming website Netflix has picked up an Indian-American satirical comedy series called Brown Nation. The show is directed by Abi Varghese and will be focusing on the lives of a few Indian-American employees, working at a small IT business in New York City. Varghese co-created and co-wrote the show along with Matt Grubb and George Kanatt.

The cast for the show includes a very talented cast Rajeev Varma, Omi Vaidya, Shenaz Treasurywala and Melanie Chandra. While both Vaidya and Treasurywala are established actors in Bollywood with their hit films like 3 idiots and Delhi Belly, Chandra is an American actress well known for her work in Code Black. Varma on the other hand, is a theatre artist based in New York.Brown Nation | Netflix Image For

Varghese had hoped to create a show highlighting the day-to-day situations at a small workplace and include them in the relatable yet, humourous plot of the show. He is very excited about Brown Nation being released on Netflix as it would help expand the show’s reach.

The first season of Brown Nation will include 10 episodes and will outline the life of Hasmukh, who works at an IT business in Queens, that doesn’t seem to be doing any good. And top it off, he finds no solace at home as he has to share a roof with his artist wife, his father-in-law and a dog.Brown Nation | Netflix Image For

In a desperate attempt to breathe life into his business, he brings along a South Indian man named Balan Shri Ramakrishnan. Hasmukh believes that South Indians are somehow smarter but Balan, who is played by Vaidya, is nothing like that. The character of Balan is a bit dimwitted and struggles with English but, he has a good heart.

The show will premiere next week with its first episode, titled ‘Farewell Papaji‘ being released on November 15.