Backstreet Boys Just Dropped A New Single And It's 4 Mins Of Pure 90s Nostalgia

Oh baby! This is not a drill. You know what they say about the heart - listening to the Backstreet Boys is like coming back home.

This is not a drill – the Backstreet Boys have just dropped a brand new single and video! Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – has everything a Backstreet Boys fan would expect in the new song. Complex harmonies – check, extensive synth portions – check, synchronised dancing – check… a song addressed to a certain ‘baby’ – you bet your life! The boys might have finally grown into middle-aged men, but girl problems is still their favourite subject to write a song about.

For the uninitiated, Backstreet Boys saw the sort of success (in the period of 3-4 years) that most artists see in an entire lifetime. One of America’s earliest ‘boy bands’ – they dominated the pop charts in the late 90s and early 2000s. Right before the release of their fourth album – Millenium (1999), the boys were a legit mood.

The Backstreet Boys did the unthinkable, when they became one of the few artists to lock down Madison Square Garden – the crowds were THAT big.

This is the ‘boy band’s first song in nearly five years, since Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of which released in 2013. The 2013 song was a single as well, following which they debuted in a documentary about the group and examined the lives of each of the five members of the group.

From Brian Littrel’s struggle to overcome challenges of an aging voice, to Nick Carter’s volatile upbringing in the at-risk neighbourhoods of Miami. The documentary also touched upon how each member reacted to the worldwide fame in early 2000s – how AJ Mclean took to drugs and fought his way through rehab. Why did Kevin Richardson leave the group in the mid 2000s, only to make a comeback later. And the group’s troubled relationship with their manager Lou Pearlman (who was later convicted for misappropriating the band’s money).

Ask any ‘cool kid’ from the 90s – Backstreet’s Back, Larger Than Life, Shape Of My Heart and Incomplete were anthems. And Backstreet Boys were demi-gods. However, this insanity lasted only a few years, and they were quickly cast aside as ‘have beens’. But you know what they say about the heart – listening to Backstreet Boys feels like coming back home.

Listen to the BRAND NEW single here:

Now let’s go cry about how we all grew up. Why God Why?