13 Reasons Why Drops First Trailer, Leaves Everyone Confused AF

What is even going on?

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why season one left us at a cliffhanger. A student commits suicide, a rapist boasts about the crime he committed, a mother demands justice, and a friend tries to find peace. Season two of the show dropped its first teaser and turns out it doesn’t aim at giving us solutions. The trailer begins with Clay (Dylan Minnette) walking into the school, still hoping life could go back to being normal, when he finds a polaroid that claims that ‘Hannah wasn’t the only one’.

From here on, the trailer gets straight up confusing. While season one was to find who wrong Hannah (Katherine Langford), season two is about uncovering the predators Liberty High seems to be teeming with. Tony, Tyler, Jessica, Zack, Alex and Bryce all make it to the trailer – and school – which means Bryce was never punished. That Alex’s suicide wasn’t fatal. That Jessica still hasn’t confronted Bryce over his sexual assault. There is also the matter of Clay learning how to wield a gun, and threatening to take matters into his hands. Also, is that Hannah’s spirit Clay seems to be talking to all the time or is it Hannah herself? WHAT is even going on?

The internet seems to be just as confused:


13 Reasons Why season two drops on May 18.