Music, dance, and art - Know about India’s largest street collab

Suede Gully- India's first street collaboration is just the place to be if you love music, art and dance

Does the beat get your feet moving? Do you groove to rap music like nothing else? Do your senses tingle when you look at vibrant street art? If yes, then you are in for a ride. India’s largest street collab is just around the corner. Suede Gully, a music video featuring India’s best street artists (including rappers, dancers and artists), aims to bring out the true essence of the street!

Street art signifies true artistic freedom. The artists hustled, found their passion, and worked hard to gain acclaim. Globally, rappers have struck a chord with the masses, defining and changing the conventions of traditional music. Closer home, we have had rappers like Divine, who, with nothing but true determination and grit, started doing what they did best and got acknowledged by everyone. With his words, he expresses the story of his struggles and his love for Mumbai. The Hindi rapper’s tracks like ‘Farak’ and ‘Mere Gully Mein’ have been appreciated by critics and masses alike.

Rapping in Punjabi, there is Prabh Deep from Delhi. His work documents the reality of everyday life. Two of his most popular tracks have been ‘Suno’ and ‘Kal’. While these artists own their art form from a personal point of view, some artists are more inclined toward politics and cultural pride. For example, the work of Shillong based rapper group – Khasi Bloodz echoes their take on politics and declining morality. Their latest track ‘Don’t stop’ is a perfect example of this. You also have Madurai-based ‘Madurai Souljour’, whose track ‘Yeppadi Padinaro’ is one of many that showcases an unshakable cultural pride in every lyric.

Some people say that dance is the hidden language of the soul. Suede Gully features several prominent Indian dancers who have effortlessly taken on hip-hop and contemporary dance forms. Mumbai’s Mukti Mohan is well-known for her exemplary skills across various styles. While she may be one of the many solo artists you need to look out for, there are plenty of hip-hop groups as well. From Bengaluru based ‘Black Ice group’ to ‘Unity One’ from the northeast to Mumbai’s ‘Beast Mode Crew’ and ‘Unity crew’, dance groups have helped the craze of hip-hop grow exponentially. The collaboration of Mukti Mohan with these dance crews is sure to leave the audiences awestruck.

And then there is street art. Whether they are in the form of graffiti, rangoli, or pavement art, colors have always been the best way for self-expression in India. Artists like Shilo Shiv Suleman, Baadal Nanjundaswamy, and Anpu Varkey are some of India’s newest and most intriguing street artists. Their work has transformed the otherwise regular-looking streets into effervescent exhibits. While Shilo uses illustrations to show an intersection between magic realism, social change, and technology; Baadal employs the use of 3D art to talk about issues prevalent in the city. As for Anpu Varkey, she can be credited for the colossal mural of Mahatma Gandhi at the Delhi police station in 2014. Her work is honest, in your face and beautiful.

Bringing together such stalwarts, Suede Gully is an anthem that celebrates the essence of youth and expression. The one of a kind music video features 8 rappers, who hail from different corners of India, singing in 4 different languages. There are 36 dancers, who excel in various dance forms and 7 artists, each an expert in his/her own right.

And this is not all! The music will be given by none other than Sneha Khanwalkar, a musician of renown. The unconventional artist was the face behind the music of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye!’. The video, directed by Sasha Rainbow, will release on November 5. So, let the beat take over you and revel in the spirit of true street art!

Remember Remember, the 5th of November!