Manveer Gujjar's 'wedding' pics and video go viral. Did he fool Bigg Boss 10 makers?

The winner of Bigg Boss 10, Manveer Gujjar might not be single. These pictures prove it!

The Bigg Boss 10 winner, Manveer Gujjar has become the talking topic of tabloids in the entertainment industry for a shocking reason. It so happened that a few pictures of Manveer dressed like a groom surfaced on the web leading to speculations over his ‘single’ status. There’s also a video doing rounds of social media. Not only this, the pictures hint that Manveer has a five-year-old kid, too.

Manveer entered the Bigg Boss house as a common man and then went on to defeat all the other contestants—the last of which was Bani J—to clinch the trophy. A wave of happiness spread across his fans after he won the high-octane show. Though Manveer looked incompetent in the beginning of the show, he picked up pace in the days that followed. He started voicing his opinions and taking a stand for what he felt right. In the start, many viewers thought Manveer was nothing more than the shadow of Manu Punjabi, but that changed later.

In fact, Manveer was lauded by ardent followers of the show and viewers for being truthful. But now the images that have surfaced paint a different picture, with many questioning his honesty.

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Till now members from the Manveer’s family have remained shut on the matter.

During his stay in the Bigg Boss 10 house, Manveer’s closeness to co-inmate Nitibha Kaul had raised eyebrows. Gossipmongers thought that there was more to their friendship than it was shown. But if Manveer is actually married, did he get close to Nitibha just for the sake of the game? Only he has the answer, we guess.

Here are the pictures and video that has got everyone talking: