Sexy Durga becomes S Durga after CBFC ruling, director says title now open for interpretation

The name of Malayalam movie Sexy Durga is now S Durga as keeping the word sexy may have hurt religious sentiments

Malayalam movie Sexy Durga directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan has been given the green signal for release by the Central Board of Film Certification. The U/A certificate after 21 audio mutes will now be called S Durga. The word Sexy has been dropped from the title of the movie to avoid hurting religious sentiments of Hindu. However, during online streaming, the movie will carry its original name and will have no beeps. While many on Twitter strongly opposed the step, a few users are glad this step was taken.

Talking about the decision, Sasidharan in an interview to a daily said that what S stands for is now for interpretation. “The bhakts will be cursed if they imagine S as sexy, so they are requested to imagine something sacred,” he said. “It is just insignificant words. It was only to show that the characters are raw. The mutes are beeped so people will understand the words are something bad. That’s more effective,” he added.

When the movie’s battle with CBFC had started, Sasidharan said that the board’s behaviour towards the movie without seeing it was unfair. “They think it defames goddess Durga. But it is not about the goddess. The problem is that they haven’t seen the film but are rejecting it. This kind of discriminatory practices will destroy film festivals and independent filmmakers,” he said.

Speaking about the title, Sasidharan said it blended with the story. The plot of the movie revolves around a road trip of a woman who left her comfort zone. “The title and the film blended… it is about how we worship goddesses on the one hand and how we treat women on the other,” argued Sasidharan. The only silver lining for Sasidharan during the entire incident was that no scenes were cut from the movie.

Here is the trailer of the movie:

As mentioned earlier, Twitter seemed divided on the way the movie’s title was changed. Here are the tweets:

We wonder what the critics will say on this movie.

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