Mohanlal's new blog on increasing child suicide rate 'Tears For The Children' is a must read for all Indians

The four-time national award winner Mohanlal also expressed his shock over the increasing child suicide rate in Kerala

It’s widely known that Malayalam actor Mohanlal is one of those few Indian film actors who always express his views on national issues. Be it 2016’s JNU row or Pakistan’s cowardly attack on Indian soldiers, the Malayalam superstar doesn’t hesitate to express his opinion on his official blog, “The Complete Actor”.

On Wednesday evening, Lalettan took to his Facebook page to release his new blog post, ‘Tears For The Children‘, which is about the increasing violence against children.

Mohanlal stated that the lives of children were much easier in early days as compared to now, as they are going through rude tortures in both schools and houses. While few students fail to control mental pressure, others find their solution in suicides. Earlier, even though students failed in their school exams, they were not tortured or abused mentally and physically at the houses or in schools.

The four-time national award winner also expressed his shock over the increasing child suicide rate in Kerala.

The students, especially young kids, are not even safe in their family these days as their fathers, siblings and relatives are not kind towards them. Such people don’t even deserve any advice but need to be punished strictly. Parents and teachers should not abuse or mentally torture the students for not achieving what they expected from their kids or students.

The Complete Actor also urged the young generation to avoid finding solution in suicide and instead, live their life with complete confidence. He has also appealed them to bring the people who abuse them in front of the law.

However, Mohanlal concluded his blog quoting that he is clueless about how to save the younger generation.