Malayalam film industry is so sexist that it needs lady black cats to ensure women safety

Sexism in the Malayalam film industry is no more a news but with Lady Black Cats being trained to protect women artists, it has hit a new low.

After the infamous Malayalam actress abduction and molestation case, the Malayalam Cine Technicians Association has decided to start training women black cats for the protection of women in the industry. According to Times of India, these women security guards will accompany women celebrities from their house to shooting locations, providing them security.

Lady Black Cats Malayalam Film Industry

Photo Source: Mathrubhumi

Also, women who have a basic knowledge of Karate, Kerala’s famous martial art, Kalaripayattu and driving will be chosen for the training.

Lady black cats Malayalam

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According to Mathrubhumi, Fighters Association general secretary R Shankar and female stunt choreographer Asha David will take the initiative of training these lady black cats.

In February this year, a leading actress from the industry was abducted and molested in a moving car. Actor Dileep was arrested and interrogated in the case. Although the actor refused his involvement, a chargesheet was filed only in October. The Kerala HC granted bail to the actor later.

The sexism in Malayalam film industry is no more a news now. After the abduction and sexual assault case, many people came forth and discussed how movies perpetuate sexism in society. But with the lady black cats being trained for providing protection to women artists and technicians, sexism has hit a new low. Instead of sensitising males in the industry and training directors to make gender-sensitive movies, the industry has an altogether twisted solution to the problems women are facing in the industry.

After the abduction and sexual harassment incident, several actresses came up with accusation of sexual harassment in the industry and prevalent gender bias. In fact, actresses like Parvathy, Manju Warrier, Bhavna formed a Women’s in Cinema Collective forum along with other artistes and technicians from the industry.

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