After receiving hatred, Malayalam actress Manju Warrier defends being a part of Aami

Manju Warrier has been roped in for Aami, a biopic on controversial writer Kamala Surayya,which led to her being bullied in cyber space

The biopic on the life of Kamala Surayya titled Aami, helmed by Malayalam director Kamal has been engulfed in controversies. In the beginning, Vidya Balan was said to play the titular role but eventually, it didn’t happen. Later, Manju Warrier was roped in for the role. But after the news of Manju being a part of the movie saw the light of the day, the actress received backlash.

It so happened that many didn’t like Manju’s choice to essay the controversial actor on silver screen. Manju’s social media accounts were flooded with lewd comments. The hatred led the actress to put out a statement urging people to not mix arts with politics. In a stern post, Manju said cyberbullying wouldn’t force her to quit a movie.

Many who didn’t like Manju’s decision to do the film said portraying such a controversial writer on screen might hamper her career. To this, Manju said she considered Kamal as her guru and wouldn’t quit the film.

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The translated version of Manju’s read, My politics is my country. Please try to see Aami as a film and me as a character in it. Please consider Aami as just a film and my part as just a character. There will be different views and political affiliations behind everyone working in a film. But above everything, filmmaking is an art and everyone work together to create a good film putting aside their personal differences. The same will happen in Aami

Manju urged all fans to give Aami, the same love and acceptance they have given to her previous movies.