Magazine Cover Aiming To Be Racially Inclusive, Gets Called Out For 'Subtle Racism'

Twitter obviously didn't shy away from posing a question to the magazine about including Scarlett Johansson, accused of whitewashing an Asian character.

The thing about intention is that it’s also implicit. And it doesn’t matter how much we try to window-dress it with the ‘right kind of values’, the intention always shows up. Like in the case of the latest cover of the Vogue issue, that celebrates 14 global superstars who ‘transcend borders’. In each of the magazine issues, Vogue has done the ‘woke’ thing by shining a light on actors of various nationalities, and yet somewhere things got really, really murky.

Each of the magazine cover showed a Caucasian woman taking centre-stage, while actors of Asian, African-American heritage sat around her. White women took precedence over other races and those of Asian, Indian and African heritage were relegated to being the sideshow. They’re ‘also’ there on the cover as the limelight shines brightly on the white Caucasian woman, obviously the most important superstar.

Twitter picked up on it, and obviously no one shied away from sharing their two cents on the cover. Some even went ahead to question the inclusion of Scarlett Johansson, an actor accused of usurping the role of an Asian actor in the live-action adaptation of Ghost In The Shell, based on a Japanese anime. Johansson was once again trolled when she reportedly took on the role of a transgender, much to the outrage of working trans-actors and activists. She later withdrew from the project.

One of the magazine covers feature Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, who like other women of colour, have been placed on the side. Other actors featuring on the cover include Lea Seydoux, Adesua Etomi-Wellington and Instagram influencer, Angelababy.