Lest We Forget, Here Are All Of Tom Cruise's Heart-Stopping Stunts In Mission Impossible

The actor-director duo of Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie have announced another two films in the Mission Impossible franchise.

Tom Cruise doesn’t want to stop. After the worldwide success of the sixth instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise, Fallout, the duo of Tom Cruise-Christopher McQuarrie have announced two more films. By now, even the most devoted fans of the franchise might have begun to lose interest. But if anyone’s learned anything about underestimating the passion and hard work of Tom Cruise, it is… that you simply don’t walk that path. Ever.

Because even though you might be groaning right now, Cruise has always challenged himself to accomplish the literal ‘impossible’. Teamed with Christopher McQuarrie, the writer/director is not only a great in his own right, but he’s also one the finest script doctors in Hollywood. It’s safe to assume that they won’t make ‘just another film’ for the sake of it. They will surely try.

And that’s why here’s a throwback to the sheer insanity accomplished by the man named Tom Cruise. He’s done it all from hanging by a literal thread inside the CIA’s most secure facility, jumped from one skyscraper to another, scaled the highest skyscraper on the planet and held his breath underwater for a superhuman five minutes.