King of sexism and abuse: Why Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya needs to be banned from Twitter ASAP [Opinion]

Apart from singing, Abhijeet has aced the art of harassment and making violent threats

Twitter has lately become a bastion of trolls who go down with all guns blazing at the slightest hint of dissent. Most of them operate anonymously while some also make a living out of it.  However, what’s more concerning is this growing trend of public figures behaving in the same manner.

After Actor turned lawmaker Paresh Rawal kicked up a storm with his tweet asking to tie author Arundhati Roy with an army jeep, the 58-year-old singer added more fuel to the fire with his own bit. Endorsing Rawal’s tweet, the singer demanded ‘The God of Small things’ author should be shot. However, this is just a small drop in the ocean of hate that he regularly unleashes on the micro-blogging site. One just needs to visit his timeline and see how his tweets have become beyond cringe-worthy. He is openly making outrageous comments against women who chose to differ with him. Sample a few of them.

or this

He is just not sexist, he is also homophobic.

Apart from singing, Abhijeet has aced the art of harassment and making violent threats. Last month only, the singer called Lieutenant General (retd) Harcharanjit Singh Panag a ‘Pak supporter’ and  Kavita Krishnan an ‘ugly face and anti-nationalist’.

Abhijeet tweeted, “U r a Pak supporter, wish you were kicked, beaten & humiliated on the streets of Kashmir & then wd hv seen ur reaction.

Abusing woman is not new for the singer, last year only he was arrested for abusing journalist Swati Chaturvedi after she questioned his tweets targetting Pakistani artists.


At times it seems the singer has completely lost it. Last year, he made derogatory comments against filmmaker Karan Johar for casting actor Fawad Khan in his film Ae Dil Hai Muskil and later questioned the loyalty of Khans.

The constitution of India guarantees freedom of speech and expression to one and all but no one should be allowed to unleash this kind of trash.  There are other celebs who have strong political views but they don’t stoop to the level of Mr Abhijeet Bhattacharya. Even a roadside looney would refrain from using the language Abhijeet uses against his critics. It’s high time the the micro-blogging site takes a call and suspends his account. It will send a message to all such trolls  who engage in abusing women.

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