Rajinikanth & Pa Ranjith's 'Kaala' is another politically-charged action film

Rajinikanth is looking for a middle path where he can please the 'masses' and also reflect TN's political turmoil. With Kaala he might be one step closer.

If Kabali’s Dalit undertones were a mere suggestion of the path Superstar Rajinikanth wanted to take, he’s confirmed most theories with the teaser of Kaala. On the verge of becoming a full-fledged politician the actor is not making any attempt to hide the political commentary in his films, as at one point in the teaser he announces ‘Kaala (black) is the colour of the proletariat…”

The film also stars Huma Qureshi, Eswari Rao and Nana Patekar in significant roles. And making a comeback from Kabali is music director Santosh Narayanan, who is again setting his electric guitars on fire to make the superstar look cool while he kicks butt in pure Rajini slow-motion.

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This is the second collaboration between the actor-director, as they look for the middle path with a film that pleases the ‘masses’ and is also topical and a reflection of the political turmoil in the state of Tamil Nadu. After the underwhelming Kabali, the duo seems to be one step closer to the solution with the teaser of Kaala.

It might still be early days to ‘judge’ the film’s content, but this teaser surely evokes excitement among the fans. Whether it will manage to please the fanatics and open new doors for Rajini’s political ambitions – we’ll have to wait and watch. For now, watch the teaser for Kaala here: