Kaabil Hrithik Roshan's message for Raees Shah Rukh Khan will restore your faith in B-town friendships

Unaffected with all the comparisons between Raees and Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan's heartwarming message for Shah Rukh Khan is truly amazing

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil and Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees are all set to clash at the box office today and people are going crazy about it. Both SRK and Hrithik left no stone unturned to promote their respective films in every possible way.

While the B-Town is praising both Kaabil and Raees, the box office figures will declare who the winner is. But despite all the comparisons, Hrithik looked unaffected and wished the best for both the films. If we talk about the films, Kaabil is a romantic thriller in which Hrithik plays the role of a blind man, while Raees is a story of wicked bootlegger Raees Alam.

Though the collection of both the films will get affected with the clash, but Hrithik looked very optimistic about it. The actor even took to Twitter on Wednesday and praised SRK wholeheartedly.

Recently in an interview with the Indian express, Hrithik talked about the clash and said:

Business should be on one side and friendship on other. Raees and Kaabil can clash. Friendship and business cannot clash. So we have to understand that they have to do the best that they can do for their film and we have to do the best that we have to do for our film. And our friendship stays intact.

Shah Rukh Khan Hrithik Roshan YouTube screen grab raees and Kaabil for InUth.com

Shah Rukh Khan in Raees/ Hrithik Roshan in Kaabil (Courtesy: YouTube)

And here’s what the actor wrote on Twitter a few hours before the release of both the films:

After Hrithik’s warm gesture, Shah Rukh took no time to respond and wrote:

Well, we really wish that both the movies perform really well at the box-office and come out as winners!