Justin Bieber continues to bash Instagram with some Class-D (D for "d#&k") reasoning

Justin Bieber has lashed out against photo-sharing app Instagram saying that it is meant for the devil.

Listen up people! Justin Bieber has a new Bible associated theory. The 22-year-old singer has lashed out against photo-sharing app Instagram saying that it is meant for the devil. Because, why the hell not? The devil is simply dying to get his steamy, evil selfies out in the world too.

During a concert in London on Tuesday, Bieber said, “Instagram is for the Devil.” I don’t know why I have a picture of Spike as the Devil from Tom and Jerry stuck in my head…

Spike Devil | Tom and Jerry Image For InUth.com

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Anyway, he goes on to say, “I think hell is Instagram. I’m like 90 percent sure. We get sent to hell and we get locked in the Instagram server, and I’m stuck in the DMs.”

Okay, B-boy, calm the fuck down! Nobody’s locking you up in the DMs. Let me remind you that earlier this year, Bieber had quit Instagram after a little clash with ex-girlfriend Selen Gomez. Some fans had even let out a deluge of obnoxious comments against Sofia Richie, whom he was dating. It’s such a typical child’s behaviour. By the way, since Instagram is hell and everything, why is it that Bieber’s dog still have a functional account? Is he condeming his dog to spend eternity in hell? That’s not really nice.

Justin Bieber | Express Archive Image For InUth.com

At the concert, he asked his audience, “Who thinks I should get my Instagram back?” He then claimed that Instagram is hell but he isn’t a 100 percent sure. To be accurate, he is only a 90 percent sure. Where does he get his statistics from? Oh, let me guess…Sam Dean Winchester Supernatural | Image For InUth.com

Anyway, if that’s the case then God please, help us Bieber! You’re our only hope before the world gets taken over by an app filled with cat pictures and Game of Thrones memes.