#TodayIDiscovered: Roadies Is Still A Thing But Nobody's Sure Who Watches It

The year was 2003, and every teenager’s then-favourite channel, MTV dropped a show called Roadies. The concept of the show was an instant hit: A group of young contestants riding to different destinations and participating in tasks that challenge their physical, mental and emotional strength.

The much-written about 90s kids were in school/college when the first season came out and the entire journey, the vote-outs, vote-ins, eliminations and game-changing twists made for some quality reality TV.

Trivia: We were very young and people screaming ch**** would make us giggle.

Watch this sneak peek from the first season. #OMGSoCute

The USP of the show was that it was young, edgy, and had no evil saas-bahus driving their audience up the wall. The contestants were real, the judges were badass and the way the show was shot was refreshing. The contestants were actually put through grueling tasks and had to prove their worth. Hell, the first season is still more relevant than the latest one.

Now here’s a sneak peek of the latest season, ‘Roadies Xtreme’:

The trailer literally begins with ‘thappad maar ke ghar bhej dunga’ and the screaming never really stops.

MTV Roadies, you’ve had a beautiful run, but you definitely need to stop existing. Don’t agree. Let us convince you.

#1 The audience

Kids these days aren’t really watching Roadies. The ‘Roadies is cool’ generation is all grown up, and honestly most of us don’t watch Roadies. You know, because we’re adults now.

#2 No content, just drama

The tasks and performances are over-showed by loud people screaming at each other and crying. Also, none of the judges seem to qualified to even be on a show that’s about physical stamina.

#3 It’s about the celebs

Nobody even cares about the actual contestants anymore. They have gang leaders (whatever that means) that hog the limelight completely. Try naming the last person who won Roadies. You can’t. can you?

Lost charm

‘Roadies’ used to be a cool tag back in the 2000s and everybody wanted to be a Roadie. Now it’s just used to poke fun at people and create parodies. No seriously, call somebody a Roadie and they’ll probably punch you. Tell someone you watch Roadies and that’ll probably be the last time you hear from them.

Raghu and Rajiv

Let’s face it, nobody really cares about Roadies ever since the original creators left. The fact that the people who created the damn show left it is reason enough for the show to end already.

Let this be the last season of this show that began well and is now just painful to watch. You’ve already ruined our childhood ‘Roadies’ memories, MTV. Stop already. No more plis. No more.