Taher Shah to release a new single 'Mermaid' soon

News of Taher Shah's 'Mermaid' emerged recently on social media.

After India’s surgical strikes along the Line of Control (LoC), Pakistan brings out its big guns; Taher Shah. Apparently, the widely criticized artist is now coming up a new single, Mermaid, and if you think he’s not going to be dressing up as one, well…

Reports suggest that Taher will be donning a mermaid avatar for his new single and someone shared a mock-up to cushion the blow.

(Courtesy: Giphy)

Earlier, Taher Shah had gone viral with his popular singles ‘Eye To Eye’ and ‘Angel’.

According to reports from a Pakistani entertainment website, the new song will be released on December 25. As expected, twitterati weren’t exactly thrilled about the news.