Inshallah! We Sincerely Hope A 53-Year-Old Salman Is Not Romancing Alia In Bhansali's Next

Bhatt why?!

This just in: Alia Bhatt and Salman Khan are teaming up for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next love story, Inshallah, and we are massively shook.

Bhai is 53 and Alia is just 26, so don’t even get us started on how problematic this whole thing is! We get it that it was Alia’s dream to work with Bhansali, but did it really have to be this way? This announcement has us screaming Bhatt why!

We assume while making this decision Bhansali must have gotten into Bhai mode and gone something like, “Ek baar maine commitment kar di toh main apne aap (ya logic) ki bhi nahi sunta.”

Before going ahead with the title Inshallah, maybe someone should have told him to go with Hum Logic Ka Katal Kar Chuke Sanam. But for all we know Bhansali really wanted to name it Chal Mere Bhai (to hit box office jackpot once again)!

Here we keep getting Ready to bid goodbye to Salman Khan and every time Bollywood proves that no one is Veer enough when it comes to saying no to Bhai. We simply hope Alia doesn’t end up calling herself a Tubelight for the rest of her life after making this decision.

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We had similar concerns when it was announced that Shah Rukh Khan, the other 53-year-old Khan still kicking it in B-town, was going to be in Alia’s Dear Zindagi. But then Gauri Shinde put our concerns to rest…by not pairing them together! But, then again that was Shinde and this is Bhansali we are talking about. He did pair up Sonam Kapoor with Salman in her debut film when she was a wee 22-year-old and Bhai was already 42.

Nothing really makes sense right now, but only time will tell us more about this one. Till then, here’s call to the universe: Wanted, age-appropriate roles for Salman Khan.