Insane! Fans cut selves after Beyoncé bleeds onstage

Beyoncé had accidentally ripped her earlobe during a concert

During her Tidal X: 1015 performance, pop singer Beyoncé accidentally ripped her earlobe. Beyoncé fans now rally behind the her, showing support in the weirdest of ways. Fans took to twitter to start a #BleedforBeyonce or #CutforBeyonce campaign. Apparently, the only way that can lift the singer’s spirits is watching her fans bleed.

During a Tidal charity concert held in Brooklyn, New York, Beyoncé bled through her ear after a high-performance show tangled her braid in her earring. As Beyoncé continued with her to perform the song Haunted, the earring ripped out her earlobe. Surprisingly though, even after realising about the ear bleed, Beyoncé continued to go on without missing a beat and totally aced that concert. Fans and haters alike appreciated her boldness and reluctance to disappoint the audience. Some fans however, crossed a line and stepped over into crazy-ville.

After the show had ended, members of the Bey Hive took to Twitter to in support of the superstar and started off a crooked trend. Under the hashtags #BleedforBeyonce or #CutforBeyonce, fans tweeted about restoring her spirits by cutting themselves. One fan tweeted, “Im starting the #bleedoutforbeyonce challenge! Pass out and the superstar will notice you and revive you! #bleedforbeyonce #cutforbeyonce” and kicked off the frenzeid storm.

What might have started off as a joke, turned real graphic with people actually cutting themselves to show support for the star. “If the queen bleeds the hive must unify and leak our blood to restore her spirits. Beyhive we must #CutForBeyonce,” one user tweeted with a photo of herself bleeding. In another tweet, the user motivated others to join the cause and ‘bleed for Beyoncé’. “@chamonille I implore you all to join this initiative to let Beyoncé know that we love her and feel our energy #CutForBeyonce.”

Shortly after the trends came into the limelight, many criticised it, “All these #Cutforbeyonce and #bleedforbeyonce tweets with graphic content are ridiculous!!! Stop it!”. Another user tweeted, “Y’all are outrageous. This #CutForBeyonce gotta stop now.”

The Bey Hive members went so overboard that it even promptedthe Queen Bee herself to request them to stop.